Antica Pizzeria Fiorentina is a restaurant where tradition is its strenght point, that shines through by the care with which the traditional Tuscan dishes are prepared.
Farro alla viareggina, Eggplant parmesan, panzanella, carciofi al forno, ribollita, zucchine tonde ripiene, those are just some dishes that, according to the season, you can taste; all dishes are artisanally made with a great care and with ingredients of the best quality…it’s for this reason you won’t find always the same plate but certainly you’ll be able to taste also other valid suggestions, from the roast-beaf to veal with tuna sauce, from the simplest hamburger to the Florentine steak , from the cecina(a tuscan type of tacos, made of chickpeas baked in the wood oven) to excellent Tuscan sousages with oven baked potatoes.
Or an excellent tasting of Gombitelli cold cuts, including marinated lard. Bread here doesn’t exist…only traditional flatbread of the spot, leavened carefully and cooked in a wood oven.
What is never lacking is the classic Tuscan pizza; a thick slice, soft, delicious and cooked in a wood oven.
Don’t forget the famous Tuscans ice creams Bocconcini Dai Dai or the homemade cakes made with care and with fresh ingredients.
This restaurant, for almost a century, is situated as the only historical site in Viale Bligny 41, between Porta Romana and Navigli; beware from people who tries to imitate us …, eat well and genuine in a room featuring a simple decoration and with a friendly staff that is always available.
We are waiting for you … to enjoy our specialties, our quality wines and a selection of excellent beers.


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Antica Pizzeria Fiorentina
Viale Bligny, 41 Milano
phone +39 02 58306292

Our opening
Lunch 12:00 - 14:30
Dinner 19:00 - 00.30

Lunch 12:00 - 14:30
Dinner 18:30 - 00.30

Closed on Tuesday

Summer closure from July 31 to August 28 inclusive