Culatello di Zibello

Zibello’s culatello

The Zibello’s culatello is one of the noblest of the butchery Italian salami: the processing technique, long and delicate, because it is produced with the most prized part of the pig, the nut of the thigh, because of its rarity. In fact, despite today it is one of the most famous and celebrated sausages, arriving on the market only a few thousand pieces a year. Or rather, a few thousand are produced by the producers of the Presidium and in total are about 50 thousand ones that boast the DOP. The difference consists in the fact that the first must be made by hand and cured without the use of refrigeration equipment; for this culatello Presidium is produced exclusively in the winter months. Furthermore the area of production of the Consortium is limited to the territory of the eight common “historical” culatello: Zibello, Busseto, Polesine, Soragna, Roccabianca, Sissa, San Secondo, Colorno.