Prosciutto crudo toscano

Tuscan ham

It is said that a ham so tasty Tuscan seems made to be eaten with bread “silly” that is tasteless, typical of Tuscany. The reasons for the full flavor and firm, so different from the products of the North, lies in the diversity of microclimates. In the northern regions, the climate is colder, the amount of salt that the butchers should employ to facilitate the curing is less, and this gives a delicate and sweet taste to the meat. In the central and southern regions, the warmer climate requires the use of a large amount of salt, thus marking in a decisive manner the final taste.
The thighs, which must have a weight of about 11 kg, are cooled for one day, and then trimmed. Salting is dry, with a mixture of salt and pepper mixed with herbs such as sage and rosemary. After about seven days thighs flavored wash carefully, dry and apply the suet, made of flour, salt, pepper and lard, as well as natural flavors. Maturing takes place in well-ventilated areas, places to teperatura between 12 and 25 ° C, and lasts 10 to 12 months. A longer stay, it gets even to 18 months, gives great fullness and persistence on the palate.
When sliced ​​prosciutto Toscano exhibition of pinkish-red color, a firm texture, intense aroma and spicy flavor, enhanced with a cut in slices rather often.