Lardo marinato di Gombitelli

Marinated lard from Gombitelli

Marinated lard from Gombitelli is a delicacy, a product with a long tradition in Gombitelli, its invention goes back to when there were no refrigerators and pigs were butchered only in autumn and winter; in the absence of refrigeration with the onset of summer lard he suffered the heat and took a yellowish discoloration and a rancid taste; to avoid this the “Grandparents Triglia” tried to put the bacon in oil and after years of experience and tests it came with marinated lard from Gombitelli.
To produce the marinated lard from Gombitelli using lard already salted and cured, they are selected parts of lard without lean veining and a vote taken rind is cut into thin slices, placed in glass jars in layers and adds spices like garlic , rosemary and chilli, the whole thing is covered with extra virgin olive oil.
The marinated lard from Gombitelli is a product characterized by a unique flavor and sweet, the taste of bacon is enhanced by spices and dal’olio virgin olive oil.
The marinated lard from Gombitelli is great served on toasted bread and toast, possibly still hot, is therefore an excellent presence in the buffet of appetizers and dishes of cold cuts; this product can find its place in the kitchen where it can also be used as a basis for fried and is a great condiment for pasta dishes easy and delicious, it’s also great to wrap lean roast all types of meat.