Lasagne al ragù

Lasagne with meat sauce

Lasagne with meat sauce Bolognese is a typical dish of the gastronomy of Emilia Romagna and, as the name suggests, the city of Bologna.
Of course, despite the paternity of this recipe is Emiliana, lasagna with meat sauce Bolognese are known to such a degree that they have become a symbol of Italian cuisine in the world.
From preparation and ingredients, this recipe is the quintessence of the “wealth” of the tradition of Bologna and love to children and adults.
To prepare good lasagne Bolognese sauce, the key thing is the right choice of ingredients: first the meat, which must be strictly, half beef and half pork to flavor the recipe, then the chopped tomatoes which must be of good quality, and finally, but not for breaking the lasagne real, which must be among the best, even though it would be better to prepare them in a traditional way.