Lardo di Gombitelli

Lard from Gombitelli

From antiquity, the traditional pig slaughter, at the end of autumn, offering abundance of lard. This was developed during the winter in basins where brines mothers, combined with aromas mixed with ancient and jealously guarded recipes, enriched by the harmonious and delicate taste. (Lard spread). With the arrival of spring, when the lard to the temperature increase would risk from absorbing too much salt, it was removed from the tanks, further drugged and rolled. Initially he worked only one piece of lard spread, then two pieces so that, by rolling them together, the small part of central fat takes the form of heart. The Lard so treated was then hung to age in appropriate environments, ideal for both the right and constant temperature, both for the continuous ventilation. (Lard wrapped or Heart of Lard) Today Mullet family, as in the past, keeps this typical and special process which, together with the patient in the ideal climate of Gombitelli seasoning gives the lard a characteristic pink tinge and an exceptional softness. With bread, possibly heated, you can enjoy the excellent lard from Gombitelli sliced thin or thick: it will melt in your mouth forever. A glass of red wine is a must.