Lardo di Colonnata

Lard from Colonnata

The lard from Colonnata PGI is white almost rosy: sometimes you can find the so-called “strip” of deep pink color. The upper part is covered with sea salt of gray-black color due to the spices of which it is soaked. The thickness of the pieces varies from 4 to 6 cm, as reported in the PGI, written by the producers themselves in the tradition.

Preparation is ancient and wise: the process goes back to the beginning of the millennium and the secret is passed from generation to generation … Maturing takes place in “bowls” of “marble of gullies” Colonnata, put in cool cellars or caves carved directly in the rock. Do not forget the fundamental role of the microclimate of Colonnata: cool and moist.

Seasoning lasts from 6 months to 10 and over; the natural moisture of the caves and the porosity of the marble walls of the basins establish the natural conditions for ripening. the chemical and bacteriological analyzes have shown that the method of “old” is extremely effective and does not require any chemical treatment or the addition of preservatives.