Florentine tripe

Florentine tripe is definitely one of the best-known recipes of offal for its taste simple yet decided.
The tripe has always been, since ancient times, a lot of food consumed in Tuscany, and especially in Florence where it is still very much appreciated.
What we do know is that the Florentine tripe, although ingredients “modest”, the Maestro Martino, great cook of the fifteenth century, author of “Art coquinaria”, handed it to Bartolomeo Sacchi that favored its spread.
In the story it is said that the origin of the tripe is Porta San Frediano, historical district and known for its work and the old Florentine say, the people of San Frediano was detected (grown) in tripe.
In the streets of this area there were large rooms with large wood-fired boilers which were thrown tripe boiling, once boiled, were hung with hooks and cleaned and ready for use Stomachs thus prepared were sold to the famous “tripe “that once passed through the streets of Florence pulling their colorful wooden cart where there was pot with tripe, sometimes these carts were attached to tricycles pedal.